Know this, young whale dreamer. What you are about to see is one of the most vital pieces of orca-human history ever experienced. It is the reason I have chosen to stay on Earth for so many years, and it is the reason our kind have not given up... It is the key to Earth's salvation... It is no mistake you are here, either. We've been waiting for you. ~ The Blackfish Prophecy


When I began to read, I was absolutely captivated. A marvelous story, and I love the spiritual aspect. I have myself experienced the connection between Native Americans and First Nation's people, and dolphins. ~ Dr. Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace

A powerful tale that helps reminds us of the connections across species, which should be one of the great joys of life on our planet.  ~ Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy & founder of

The Blackfish Prophecy is a gripping tale of partnership between humans and whales. Rachel Clark beautifully melds fantasy, reality, and a passionate call for protecting life on our Earth. ~ Dr. Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade & founder of The Center for Partnership Studies

The Blackfish Prophecy is a sweeping, emotionally packed book,with a gripping tale and a big heart. Rachel Clark has created a fascinating world of smart kids,mystical orcas, and acts of morality that must be carried out, no matter how difficult. Readers of all ages will learn much about killer whales,and why they simply do not belong in captivity. This wonderful story is fictional, but the facts are all too real. - David Kirby, author of Death at SeaWorld

The Blackfish Prophecy opens many doors to understanding and possibilities for living as members of the of the family of life on earth. - Howard Garrett, co-director of Orca Network

Rachel Clark has created an entrancing story that not only captures the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the native and orca societies which make it so unique, but also the potential for deep and powerful connections between human and killer whale cultures in the wilderness environment. I enjoyed it immensely. - Tim Zimmerman, Associate Producer & Co-Writer of the award-winning movie Blackfish


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Clark goes above and beyond the call in revealing the grace inherent to all species. Wonderful black-and-white illustrations by Savory enhance the message... A passionate tale that’s not only about whales, but also about the fate of the planet. ~ Kirkus Review, see the full review.

'Blackfish Prophecy' spurred by whale of a tale. The Spokesman Review.

The Y.A. orca story that'll have you fighting for whale freedom.  Lucky's New Y.A. 

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