And always I have this feeling—which may not be true at all—that I am being used as a messenger.  ~ Dr.  Jane Goodall 




Rachel is a compelling and gifted natural speaker who delights in meeting people of all walks of life: from college lecture halls, to middle and high school classrooms & kindergartens, to bookstores, movie theaters, radio studios, and community events. She's given keynotes, lectures, workshops, book readings, interviews, and once, a sermon at a Unitarian Universalist church that involved sea cucumbers & peacemaking. She particularly enjoys visiting classrooms and bookstores.

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Select engagements

Earth Day Keynote Address. The Blackfish Effect & The Great Transition: How a trapped killer whale helped breach the corporate system that’s killing the planet. Washington State University. April 20, 2016. 

The Blackfish Prophecy Book launch & reading. Indie bookseller BookPeople of Moscow Idaho. (Photos above spotlight this event.) April 22, 2016.

Convergence Writers Series. Invited author. Edmonds Community College, WA. May 5, 2016

A Science Writer Introduces a Special Screening of Blackfish. Kenworthy Theater. Moscow Idaho. October 20, 2014.

This event occurred in conjunction to a 2-day Blackfish/salmon symposium Rachel helped arrange at the Universtiy of Idaho. Find out more about the event and review all available links at Beyond Blackfish: Symposium Marks a Rapid Heroic Response.