The Twelve Books of Christmas

Dear friends,

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When I sat down to write The Blackfish Prophecy near the end of 2012, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. It was inspired by things I can’t explain: dreams, powerful synchronicities, whole characters and plots arriving, fully formed. And it offered up a new way of looking at our world, our history, and most important, our future… that still send shivers of realistic hope and optimism up my spine.

Why? Because although I “wrote” the book, my experience is that the book came from somewhere beyond me. (If you’ve read Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic, you know what I’m talking about.)

So, not only did The Blackfish Prophecy come from some form of universal collective wisdom, it also helps depict a narrative framework of emergent global empathy that is literally capable of changing everything. Of creating a new, epic and thriving Harmony: a natural partnership between people and planet.

Of course, there are many other books, stories, and people defining this new web of narratives that will carry us and the rest of Life on this Earth forward, if we are to find our way. The events of 11/9/16 and their aftermath not only require new stories, they’ve catalyzed a piercing new urgency to laying this emerging narrative framework even as global empathy explodes all around us in response to the fascism, supremacy, tyranny, oppression, misogyny, xenophobia, propaganda, and almost unbelievably monstrous criminal behavior at the highest levels.

Everything is happening very fast, all at once. And this will continue rapid fire as we both build the bridge to a harmonious future and walk across it.  Whether we are capable of doing both rests on our collective willingness to do both. Even in the face of the horrors we now confront.

Extraordinary change is here. How we respond is revealing itself before our eyes. People’s hearts are leaping into brave, chilling, astonishing responses and actions, we have never seen before. Other hearts leap—some for the first time in their lives—to quiet, healing, recovery, and acknowledgement of the traumas of the world as it has been, and is now. All of these hearts—this strand of new luminous pearls—are creating that bridge to Harmony.

When I wrote that book back in 2012, it never occurred to me such circumstances we now are seeing would materialize. Yet, here we are. Needing new stories that incite cultural healing, and momentous accounting and change, now more than ever.

Which brings me to The Twelve Books of Christmas:

Starting on Sunday December 10 at 5pm PST (that's 8pm EST), and for twelve days hence (at the same time each day), I’ll read from The Blackfish Prophecy on FB Live at Rachel Clark on FB. As an offering of something quiet, calm, warm, and peaceful as we move towards the Winter Solstice. Everyone inspired by these readings who signs up for my e-mail list will be entered to win a free book. I’ll give away one free book for each of the twelve days of readings. You are entered in the drawing on the day you sign up. 

We are all building the bridge and walking across it. Reading a book together does the same thing.

I hope to see you on FB Live!

With love,


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