The Twelve Books of Christmas

When I sat down to write The Blackfish Prophecy near the end of 2012, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. It was inspired by things I can’t explain: dreams, powerful synchronicities, whole characters and plots arriving, fully formed...

Starting on Sunday December 10 at 5pm PST, and for twelve days hence, I’ll read from The Blackfish Prophecy on FB Live. Everyone inspired by these readings who signs up for my e-mail list will be entered to win a free book. I’ll give away one free book for each of the twelve days of readings.

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We Pearls Make Safe Harbor

So many  of us who are chafed and scraped and scratched and raped and molested and harassed—by this handful of violent little sand grains who’ve insinuated themselves in our soft loving hearts—feel this abrasion... But what the sand does not realize is that it is the caustic catalyst in making some of the most luminous jewels on Earth.

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